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Incredible!!!!Awesome captures!!

Ford Middle East

The night shot is awesome!!!A colorful city!


nice shots. The night shot is very pretty :)


this is a real breather. we've been to HK only 3x but i suddenly miss it with this series. who doesn't admire HK's skyline from victoria peak? i miss riding the tram going up there...and of course, the chinese food! :D


hong kong, always love the skyline.. never had a chance to visit though... hope soon i will be able to make a trip there...

by the way, hong kong in chinese cantonese language, is called, hiong kong.

hiong = fragrant
kong = harbour


An amazing series of images.

Karlo dL

Beautiful! beautiful! beautiful! :D


I hear ya! hong kong is beautiful, excellent cityscape shot. and if you can, go to shanghai too! =]


these are really great shots sidney! i never get to see those structures up close just across the harbour


Beautiful! *sniff*I'm getting homesick.*sniff* My family and I lived in Hong Kong for three years and they were my happiest years (but not the husband's unfortunately).

I loved its food and shops, and IMHO it is the safest place to live with young children.


Amazing city. My favorite is the last one at night with all of the amazing light and colors!


A fine cityscape series. That skyline is so impressive. I like the second image with the lighted signs as a favorite daytime shot. The night version has its own beauty that is remarkable.

Ashish Sidapara

Love this place, thanks for bringing back great memories.


I find some great pictures with a very special magic.


difficile d'échapper à l'architecture à HongKong. Tu t'en sors bien


Sidney, je hebt echt een oog om architectuur te fotograferen. Proficiat.


This city always did fascinate me. Your pictures make me want to visit it!


Great cityscape, I want to go to Hong Kong!


amazing town this town i like a lot! well , documentary pictures, i like very much 2 previous photographs, the woman in the white hats and the eye of the boy .. very good!
and i expect for the floods 's snaps !! :-)))


i was always fascinated of hk, i hope one day i can visit it, great shots


Toutes ces tours sont superbes, surtout la nuit ! :-)


Une ville étonnante à bien des niveaux.

luna miranda

if you'd walked the streets of HK on a Sunday, i'm sure you've met many OFW's with their own stories to tell. some heart-breaking, some inspiring. i remember my first trip to HK many years ago...went to Victoria Peak and admired the Hong Kong skyline.


Les photos sont très différentes : j'aime beaucoup la 2 et la 4 ! Bonne journée.


The 3rd, 4th and 5th images are mind blowing. Beautiful shots and impressive city.

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